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Ministry of Energy


To enable Ghana become a net exporter of fuel and power

The mission of the Ministry of Energy is to develop and ensure reliable supply of high quality energy services at minimum cost to all sectors of the economy through the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies.


  • To consolidate and improve existing energy supply systems .
  • To increase access of modern energy services, especially to the rural poor communities.
  • To ensure productive and efficient use of energy particularly in the rural communities so as to stimulate economic growth and development.
  • To strengthen Institutional and Human Resource capacity in energy development.
  • To secure future energy supplies including hydrocarbon deposits.
  • To encourage private sector participation in energy infrastructure development.
  • To minimise environmental impacts of energy supplies and consumption through increased Renewable Energy/Energy efficiency Technologies.


The function of the Minstry of Energy is to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate energy sector policies.


  1. Completion & Commission of Prestea-Obuasi 161 KV Transmission Line April 2003.
  2. Completion of 2nd Bulk Supply Station for Accra for both Transmission (VRA) & Distribution (ECG) segments to meet growing demand in Accra and environs & to improve system reliability.
  3. Completion & Commissioning of Tema Oil Refinery Residual fuel catalytic cracker (RFCC) project in November 2002 now allows recovery of additional refined products from previously wasted residual fuel oil. Created self sufficiency & export capacity in LPG & Kerosene.
  4. Implementation of National Street Lighting Project to enhance living conditions, improve security & create platform to support Ghana 's Tourism attraction drive.
  5. Deregulation of the petroleum down stream sector is far advanced.
  6. Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) allows discharge of crude and reined products by bigger vessels up to 150,000DWT. This will enable vessels up to 150,000DWT capacity to discharge their cargos within 36 hours at reduced freight charges December 2005.
  7. Buipe Balgatanga Petroleum Products Pipeline Project has been completed. This is to make petroleum products readily available in the Northern part of the country in the most cost effective manner. The pipeline will transport Gasoline, Gas oil and Kerosene to the northern parts of the country.
  8. 700 kerosene surface tanks were fabricated and distributed to all 110 districts through the District Assemblies under the Rural Kerosene Distribution Improvement Programme (IKDIP), Phase 1. This is to ensure that kerosene is made available at all times to the people of Ghana , especially the rural dwellers at approved and affordable price.
  9. Electrification of 160 rural Junior High School (J.S.S) with solar PV systems in all ten (10) regions including the provision of TV sets to enable students in these areas have access to the Presidents Special Initiative on Distance Learning Programme.

Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Energy