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Gomoa Fetteh, a town located off the Akotsi Junction on the Accra-Winneba highway, is generally known in local circles for the fishing and subsistence farming activities of its people.

This quiet and peaceful community, which is near Senya Bereku and in the Gomoa District of the Central Region, does not attract much publicity but for the annual re-union of the local citizens and those elsewhere during traditional festivals.

But from this hilly town, which can be reached in less then an hour's drive from Accra, is emerging a phenomenon that will surly give more impetus to the often disputed saying that the Central Region is the leader in the tourism and hospitality sector in the country.

Situated on the white beach of the town White Sand Beach Club that is gradually winning the hearts of many holidaymakers. Overlooking the Atlantic with its spectacular white beach, as the name depicts, White Sand Beach Club offers visitors not only the very best in water sports but exotic bars and restaurants.

At the Barefoot Bar on the sandy beach, one can relax and watch an array of water sports including breathtaking ascension on parachutes, water skiing and paddling on customised surfboards.

Also available for the comfort of visitors are trimarans, sailing boats and pedalos. Over here is served a variety of cocktails, tropical juices and alcoholic beverages. And to serve the interest of accompanying minors at the Barefoot Bar, a children's park has been created nearby with two tubes and swings and parents can relax and watch their children play.

At the Lagoon Terrace, which is flanked on one side by a white beach, and on the other, by a salt water lagoon and bird sanctuary, holiday makers can choose from a variety of assorted drinks while playing games like draught, chess, ludo and "oware".

Just beside the Lagoon Terrace is located a gift shop, where visitors can purchase beach wears and other item like tennis rackets, table tennis ball and bats as well as caps. To whet the appetite of patrons, the resort has three distinctive restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.

The Yellow Fin Restaurant provides enticing spicy selections from countries around the tropical belt as well as Italy, the Caribbean, United States and the Far East. At this restaurant, which can seat 50 people at a time, food orders are made direct to the kitchen by an automated system on computer to save time.

The other two restaurants, Lobster Grill and Snack Shack, offer a variety of grill, mouth-watering sandwiches and thirst quenching fruit punches. At the first entrance of the resort are open-air toilets and showers as well as changing rooms to cater for the comfort of swimming patrons.

And to secure the good health of visitors, management has employed the services of a medical doctor, who is at post at the weekends to assist in any medical emergency.

Meanwhile, the resort's new guesthouse shows an exciting blend of antiquity and modernity.

Two 12-seater pontoons boats have been acquired by management to ferry visitors on the lagoon to the Barefoot Bar.

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