Telecommunication | About Ghana

Telephones - fixed lines: 360,375 (December 2006, National Communications Authority). Penetration 1.6%.

Telephones - mobile subscribers: 5,900,000 (2007).

Telephone system: poor to fair system; Internet accessible; many rural communities not yet connected; expansion of services is underway
domestic: primarily microwave radio relay; wireless local loop has been installed
international: satellite earth stations - 4 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean); microwave radio relay link to Panaftel system connects Ghana to its neighbors

Radio broadcast stations: AM: 0 Shortwave: 2 (2007) FM: 137 licensed, of which 129 operational (December 2006, NCA).

Radios: 12.8 million (2007)

Television broadcast stations: 27 (March 2005) Source:nca

Televisions: 1.73 million (1997)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 29 operational ISPs; 165 licensed (May 2007). There are 490,000 internet users (end 2006), representing a penetration of about 2%. (ITU)

Country code (Top-level domain): GH

Regulation: The National Communications Authority (NCA), an independent regulator, was created in 1997, deriving its statutory framework from the NCA Act 1996.

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